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Christian Music Recommendations

Hey, friends! Today, I thought I would be sharing some of the Christian music that I have really enjoyed, because I don’t talk enough about this subject. However, I feel that it’s really important to have Christian music we listen to and sing. Some people don’t love the Christian music genre, and if you don’t […]

Wonderful nature (+ Some verses)

Good morning, friends! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. (Note:) I know it’s been forever since I really posted last, and it’s been an even longer forever since I wrote a post that wasn’t about books. However, this post is definitely not about books. I hope you enjoy it. This year, I have […]

Life Update + Lots of Books

Hi, everybody! Sorry it’s been FOREVER. I hope that you have all been doing well, and I’m sorry it’s been so long since I got a post out, so this is just going to be a little life update. Firstly, I planned my brother’s birthday party! It was an Around the World in Eighty Days […]

Favorite Sites Book Tag

I saw Lindsey from BFCG do a Phone Apps Book Tag, which I will link right below, and I really enjoyed hearing her answer these questions. I don’t have a phone, so I kind of tweaked this tag to be a favorite sites book tag. I hope that you enjoy this post, and please check […]


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Hi. I’m Erin, a Christian teen girl, and welcome to my blog, where I share bits and pieces of my story. I like spending time with my family, writing fiction, reading any and all books (especially my Bible), listening to music, making it with my guitar, and lots of other things.

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