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Starting a Weekend

Good morning! I’m just waking up and looking ahead at my wonderful weekend. Somehow everything seems better when you’re listening to Michael W. Smith sing Amazing Grace, which is what I’m doing. I hope that everyone enjoyed a fun Friday night, and you’re feeling energized about the weekend ahead of you. I know that IContinue reading “Starting a Weekend”

Happy Friday!

Fridays always hold their own special excitement for me. (Happy Friday, everyone! I’m really excited. I just launched my new Etsy shop, AllToTheGloryOfGod, to try and earn money for college. Please, please, please, buy something that will brighten up your day and help start gathering funds for my Christian college education. You can read moreContinue reading “Happy Friday!”

Important Words

Words are important. Really, they are. Today, we see hurtful words in our world. We see people using words to hurt, and to harm others, instead of using praiseful words that lift spirits and moving words that convey truth. Words are wasted by insignificant thoughts and idle sayings. Few people treasure words or enjoy them,Continue reading “Important Words”


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About Me

Hi. I’m Erin, a Christian teen girl, and welcome to my blog, where I share bits and pieces of my story. I like spending time with my family, writing fiction, reading any and all books (especially my Bible), listening to music, making it with my guitar, and lots of other things.

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