Choly Knight: A Favorite Pattern Source

I mentioned in my primary Craft section how much I love patterns. Between Funky Friends Factory and whatever I can find that’s free online, I always have crafts going. I’m always working on something or other. But, lately, I have discovered the most awesome free pattern source ever, which I also mentioned in my Craft section. The site is called Choly Knight, and it’s great. Also powered by WordPress, it’s filled with both free patterns and other patterns that you can purchase for a fairly reasonable price.

She has a few techniques in her patterns that I wasn’t sure about, but as I’ve worked with her patterns, I’ve figured out what I do and don’t like. For one, she usually uses a sewing machine, while I always sew by hand (well, since I damaged my sewing machine some years ago). For another, she uses something that I’ve never experienced before, called fusible web, that we’ve ordered and is sitting in a Joanns box somewhere. I’m excited to use it, although I tend to be an old-fashioned sewist. I’ve always preferred embroidery to anything new. But, as you can see, I am broadening my horizons by trying new things.

I’ve worked with her patterns for many projects, including birthday and Christmas gifts, which turned out really well. I’ve even tried merging a few of her patterns together, and it works great! It’s amazing how versatile simple patterns are when done by Choly Knight. They’re easy and have tons of pictures and directions for each step of the way. Filled with more pictures than you could possibly need, she gives detailed instructions for everything that she asks you to do.

We also purchased her wildcat pattern, and that is how I made this plush, a white tiger designed as a character from one of the books I have written. It was difficult to make but worth it. The stripes look great, and I just love her directions, although I slightly changed how she joined the head and the body together. It was fun to make, and only took me a few days of devoted sewing. Look for pictures of him at the end of the post!

Next, I’m planning on trying to make a doll using her Bat and Cat Girl Plush Doll pattern. I’m going to tweak it, because my stuffed animals don’t really need to have bat-like pigtails, or a cat-like tail. I haven’t decided what kind of doll I’m going to make. I love making dolls, but I always use Quaint and Quirky’s rag doll pattern, the same pattern my mom used to make me a doll when I was little. I have made a few dolls using this pattern, and I eventually want to make an Anne of Green Gables doll using it. But right now, I’m excited to work with a Choly Knight doll pattern.

I love finding ways to make projects even without spending money on them. It’s a blessing from God that I was able to find this site, and I’m thankful to Him for this opportunity to make crafts, not only for me, but for the people I love. DIY presents are my favorites, because you are able to show how much you care for them, not by how much you spent on their present, but by the heart and time that went into your project. Choly Knight helps me do that.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

Note: I’m going to have to buy her Faun pattern one day and make a Mr. Tumnus plush from Narnia (one of my absolute favorite book series)!

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