Ham and Scalloped Potatoes: Cooking Dinner With Dad

As part of my Home Ec course (which I am really enjoying), I need to do some cooking. So today, I took some time to enjoy cooking with Dad, following out the instructions that he had found in a recipe. It’s great to cook, even though I’m not the most patient cook, especially when I’m waiting for my pot to boil. But I can’t wait to keep cooking. It’s my dream to be able to successfully cook, so that I will always be able to provide my family with excellent food like my parents have.

First, me and my eldest brother peeled potatoes (which I like way better than scrubbing), and then Dad cut them up. We put them in a large pot with milk and butter, and we let it boil, for what seemed like a really long time, but was only a few minutes in reality. Then, we put it with some ham that Dad cut up, and we put them in 9×12 pans. After grating some cheese on top and sliding them into the oven, we let it cook, and then we dished up and ate (pictures below).

It was pretty simple, and it was so good. It just tasted wonderful. I loved it, and so did everyone else in the family. I’ll bet that we’re going to be cooking it again, and when we do, I’ll be happy to cook again. I was able to enjoy some country music while I was cooking, and I just kept the country music playing after dinner while I washed my dishes.

While I’m not very good at cooking, I’m enjoying trying new things, and I also enjoy the time I get to spend with others, and the time we get to spend together while cooking. I’m thankful for the family I have been blessed with and all their culinary talent. I encourage all my readers to enjoy the time they spend together: cooking, eating, and in everything else you do.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

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