Your Opinion: Best Spring/Summer Book

I love to read. I’m currently taking a literature course, and when I go to college I plan on majoring in English. As such, I love reading classic books, but I don’t stop there. I’ll read basically anything, anytime. However, there are certain times of the year that tend to be better for one book than another one. So, today, I want your opinion. What is the best book to read over these summer months?

I personally enjoy reading through some childhood favorites during this time, particularly the Penderwick books, Anne of Green Gables, and a few other specially chosen and well loved books. Sometimes I’ll read some Winnie the Pooh to my younger siblings, and I enjoy reading poetry, as well as a lot of Psalms, and Song of Solomon.

But, I would love to know what you think should be read at this time of year, and also what you tend to turn to in these blessed summery months of the year. I’m sure glad that the LORD decided to make the seasons turn like they do, just so that I can get a wonderful summer full of reading (and writing). Summer brings so many great things: a break from school, our own Staycation, and plenty of books to read. I hope that you enjoy it, and don’t forget to comment about what you want to be reading!

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