Pages Waiting to Be Filled

I was recently listening to some Michael W. Smith music (my latest musical interest), and I ran across this song called ‘Place in This World’. It’s a really good song (and I’ve already probably listened to it a few dozen times), and it starts off, “The wind is moving, but I am standing still. A life of pages, waiting to be filled. A heart that’s hopeful, a head that’s full of dreams. But this becoming is harder than it seems.”

Suddenly, I had this wonderful image of my life being a journal, ready for me to write a story on it’s clean pages. A life of pages, ready for me to chase down the stories I want to capture on a page, and pursuing the chapters that will make my story into a wonderful, vibrant collection of memories that will make up my future.

As some of you may know, I love books. Reading them, writing them, talking about them, staring at them on my shelf, reading them so many times that I know them backwards… basically, I’d live in my books if I could. After I thought about my ‘blank pages’, and all the things that I’d want to put on them, I began to consider what I was going to do.

I don’t want my book to be filled with bad decisions, or constant anxiety about small details. When drama strikes my book, I don’t want to give up on the story. I want to rise beyond it. I don’t want to flip through my book, and read the rude comments I make to the people I love, the mean actions I take, or the way that I forget about how much I can do for them. I don’t want to look back and see me forgetting what I need to remember, or watching as my book unfolds.

I want to see kind words, laughs, good choices, fun times. And when there’s a dramatic twist to my story, I want to handle it to the best of my ability, and to ride out the storm. But more than anything else, I want my book to be filled with prayers, scripture, and constant reminders of Him. I want every word in it to be written with Him in mind. I want every illustration to be richly drawn, and filled with grace as if He was drawing it with His mighty hand.

I face my pages with excitement, wanting to carefully write each word with joy, and to influence my fellow ‘writers’ with His Word through my word. I want to show everyone exactly how He can write a beautiful story through you. And I want each page to be beloved, and to be a wonderful memory.

I can’t wait to keep writing the story that’s already being wonderfully scripted, and I encourage you to pay attention to the book that’s being written,

-A Christian Girl

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