Friendship Book Tag (with Emma❤)!

I was building this book tag centered around friendship, and I asked Emma❤ to collaborate with me on this post. I’ve never done a collaboration post before, so this is very exciting. Emma is a highly talented, very special blogger, avid reader, and follower of Christ. She blessed me by doing this post. Thanks again, Emma, because this is just so special.

So, without further ado, I present to you… the questions!

Which friendship is your favorite in a book?

Emma: I love the friendship of Anne and Diana from Anne of Green Gables. I always have. They stick together through thick and thin. They will probably always be my favorite fictional friends!

Erin: I love the friendship in The Last Battle between Prince Tirian and Jewel the Unicorn. They’re both so loyal, and we see them prove their loyalty countless times over the course of the book. I love all the characters in the series, but this friendship is especially endearing to me.

Which character would you want to be friends with?

Emma: Anne Shirley or Jo March. I would love to have a picnic with Anne and let her give me a tour of Avonlea. With Jo March, I think it would be fun to read some of her stories.

Erin: Despereaux. I’m going with Despereaux all the way. He’s kind, supportive, determined, and fearless. The only downfall is you’d have to learn to spell his name, which I have not done as of yet…

Who was the first friend you read a book with?

Emma: My sister and I have read a few books together in the past. We would read Boxcar Children together and that was really fun! 

Erin: My older brothers and I used to read books together (I remember Ginger Pye and Encyclopedia Brown), and that was really fun. I was young at the time, and it was very special to be reading a book with them, and I’ve never forgotten that.

Which author would be your best friend?

Emma: Ooh, that’s a hard one! I want to be best friends with so many authors. I think Rachel Fordham and I would be really good friends! Also, I think Jen Turano would make such a fun best friend. She’s hilarious! As for authors of the past, I would have loved to meet Maud Hart Lovelace. I feel like we could have been good friends.

Erin: I’d like to be friends with Sally Clarkson. I know that she doesn’t write fiction, but I’ve read so many books and listened to so many of her podcasts that I feel like I sort of know her already, so I think it’s safe to say that we would be good friends.

Who is the friendliest character you can think of?

Emma: Betsy Ray from the Betsy books by Maud Hart Lovelace or Anne Shirley of Anne of Green Gables. Both of these girls are such friendly characters!

Erin: I definitely agree with you, Emma, on this one, because I think Anne Shirley’s the most friendly person ever written. She’s just so nice and has such fun ideas, that it’s easy for her to make friends. Yeah, I’m thinking she’s gotta be the friendliest.

Who is the least friendliest character you can think of?

Emma: Hmm… one of the bad guys from one of Joanna Davidson Politano’s books. Maybe Victor Prendergast from Finding Lady Enderly. 

Erin: Hmm. Wait, I’m going with the White Witch here, because she is just nasty! I would seriously rather be friends with anyone in Narnia than her. There are so many fun characters in that series (the Pevensies, Prince Caspian, Mr. Tumnus, ASLAN!!!), that I just can’t imagine ever being friends with her.

What’s the best group of friends in a book?

Emma: Definitely Betsy Ray and her friends from the Betsy series. They’re so much fun! I would just love to hangout with all of them.

Erin: I really like Nancy Drew and her friends in the books. I mean, we have George and Bess, not to mention Ned Nickerson and the various other friends they have. Because it’s such a static book series, we get a lot of time to get to know them. Together they’re pretty unstoppable, and pretty fun, too.

If you were doing a book club with your friends, which book would you read?

Emma: Ooh, good question! Probably Yours Truly, Thomas by Rachel Fordham or A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano. Anything with a slight mystery to it would be fun!

Erin: I’m going with Anne of Green Gables for this one, because it’s just a really nice relaxed read and a perfect introduction into classics for people of all ages. Although, if I was doing a book club with my friends in particular, I would probably go with the Penderwicks, because I think that we would really enjoy that one.

Which book character’s friend do you relate to the most?

Emma: Hmm… good question. I’m trying to think of a specific one.  I might go with Diana Barry. I’m a more laid-back, less spontaneous person than Anne Shirley. I’ve always really liked Diana and I do relate to her quite a bit I’d say!

Erin: (Sigh.) I’ve been told I’m a Piglet. I’m kind, timid, agreeable, and a sidekick. Sure, I’d rather be someone else who does exciting things, but I’m kinda proud that my friends think I’m supportive. One thing’s for sure: I’m not Tigger! Yikes! Too much energy! I’d much rather be Piglet, and bring Winnie the Pooh honey and tea. Maybe grab some for myself…

Erin: Thank you for doing this joint blog post with me, Emma. I’ve really enjoyed doing it, and I love all your answers! I really enjoyed this, and I hope that we can do it again sometime. Thanks again! God bless you!

Emma: Thanks so much for coming up with the tag and asking me to be a part of it, Erin! It was so much fun and a great idea!

Erin: Of course!

Everyone, please have a great day, and please check out Emma’s blog at Bookish Daughters of the King. God bless you,

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