Change Your World With Love

‘Cause you know without a doubt, you can change your world with love.

So says Michael W. Smith in his awesome song, Love One Another. This statement is actually very true, and is inspiring for all Christians. This amazingly popular song, and this wonderful lyric specifically proved to be influential, becoming the namesake to not only the Michael W. Smith album, but also to the following tour. I posted the full video for that here, if you’re interested. Goodness knows I could do several posts talking about how great Michael W. Smith is, but that’s not actually my point right now. Today, I just wanted to talk about what it actually means to change your world with love.

We all share the same world.

While some of us seem to live in our heads more than the world around us (namely me), we all still live together striving to make things better in this world we live in. While we’re told that we can accomplish great change by becoming speakers and diplomats, sharing our thoughts with the world and working for peace, I wonder if it’s true. Sure diplomats and advocates are great and all, but it seems a rather unlikely goal for just an average girl like me to work towards.

Sometimes, when dwelling on melancholy thoughts of never being able to make a difference and fulfill the part that God has waiting for me, I become easily discouraged. It’s at moments like that, though, that I have to calm myself and reaffirm what I know to be true.

For one, it’s true that I do know without a doubt that I can change my world with love. We all can. Jesus came to be an xample setter, and we all know how greatly He changed His world (truly, not only did He live in this world, but He literally created it!). Shouldn’t we follow His example, and change our world with love?

Love isn’t always felt, but it can always be shown. Be kind and loving t o those around you, and you’ll make more of a difference than you know. Here I am, attempting to share God’s love with others through my blog. Sometimes I feel unsure of how well my blog is actually helping others, but Michael W. Smith sure got one thing right:

I know without a doubt I can change my world with love.

Keep sharing God’s love,

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