My Personal Review

Hey, everyone!

As you know, our family homeschools, and we are constantly looking out for fun, educational, God-glorifying resources to use. Today, I have an exciting new one to share with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.

I love Answers in Genesis. I read a lot of their articles, watch some of their videos, and we even own some books by Ken Ham. They are (in my opinion) a very strong, biblically-based apologetics foundation, and I agree with pretty much everything they say. I’m always very excited to hear what they have to say about scientific issues. I value their opinion.

That’s why I was so excited when I realized that they now have an! It’s a streaming service that you can sign up for, and watch all of these Christian informational videos. You get a 7-day free trial, and then it’s only $4.99 a month. Just for a little bit of comparison, Netflix is $9.99 a month, Disney+ is $7.99, Prime Video is $8.99, and Hulu is $6.99.

I was definitely eager to try this out, especially since I thought it would be great for a new method of homeschooling we’re trying out (more about that later…). Anyway, I thought that this would be a great way to share some videos that I’ve been enjoying, so let me get into those for you..

Hike and Seek with Peter Schriemer

This educational series is filled with exciting creatures and how they apply to us, always linking it back to God’s word, the ultimate authority. My younger siblings definitely enjoy these, and I’m very happy to have found this. Peter Schriemer is excellent at highlighting nature and relating it to what the Bible teaches.

Unlocking Science featuring Roger Patterson

I’m using these videos as part of my chemistry study, and they’re actually pretty interesting. Mr. Patterson is a very entertaining scientist, and I really enjoy watching his experiments, and trying to do some of them on my own. I also understand that he has a series called Unlocking Science HANDS ON!, which sounds exciting. I can’t wait to get to those.

Animal Encounters: Calendar

We’ve only watched a couple of these videos, but my little siblings definitely enjoyed watching the animals, and learning about them. Also, you can actually buy the calendar that goes along with it, and every month learn about the animal that corresponds to the picture on the calendar. I’m not sure if you’re interested in that, but I thought it sounded kind of fun.

Journey Through the Creation Museum

We really enjoyed watching this video, and we learned a lot about the Creation Museum from this virtual tour. Seeing everything that they’ve designed here to glorify the Lord is overwhelmingly amazing, and definitely made me want to visit the Creation Museum one day.

Journey Through the Ark Encounter

This is much like the Creation Museum tour, and it is a life-size replica of Noah’s ark. I think that this is an amazing video to watch, especially for those who can’t go and see this amazing structure on their own. We liked this video so much that we watched it several times.

The Wild Brothers

I don’t think these episodes are exactly cut out for us, because there are too many snakes and spiders for my taste, but it was interesting to learn more about their lives as the children of missionaries living in an unreached area, and for older children, especially teens, I think it would be very interesting.

Homeschool Quick Tips

These are the videos for homeschoolers! They talk about how to use the Answers in Genesis resources to teach your children, and I found them very interesting. I especially liked the video on how to use for homeschooling, because that’s where I found some of the videos mentioned in this post.

Patricia Engler’s 360 in 180 Adventure Around the World

This is an amazing series that I am watching on my own. We discuss a lot of different religions, so I don’t really want my younger siblings to learn too much about that. But, I really find these eye-opening, because she’s talking about her travels around the world, interviewing Christian students to see what trials they face in secular universities. For teenagers who want to learn more about the world of diverse religions and how we can help convert them to Christianity, I would definitely recommend this.

Dinosaurs and Dragon Legends

This is a short video (30 minutes), and it’s just talking about how dragon legends could be very real dinosaurs. This is sort of a pet subject of mine, so I definitely wanted to watch this, and I’m pleased to say that I enjoyed this. never fails to deliver.

Well, that’s all I have to share about right now. Definitely look at, because I think that apologetics are huge in the life of a Christian, especially since it literally equips you to defend your faith and helps you clear up issues that could hinder others in their walks with God. The fact is that everything we see is either based on man’s word or God’s word, and Answers in Genesis definitely tries to promote a Godly worldview, as established in the first chapters of Genesis.

I will try to update you on other things I’m watching with Answers in Genesis, and I’m also trying to get on a more regular schedule with my blogging. Until I post again, let me just say that I hope everything’s going well for you, and I’m praying that you may all continue on your personal walks with God.

God bless you,

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