Many of my favorite memories are of curling up with a hot cup of green tea as I trek through my stories. Whether it’s journeying through a creaky house with Nancy Drew, enjoying the splendor of Green Gables with Anne Shirley, running around with the Penderwick sisters and their various friends, walking around in God’s nature with one of Janette Oke’s heroes and heroines (my favorite is named Ariana Benson), running through Sherwood Forest with Robin Hood, or coming face-to-face with Aslan as I journey with the Pevensie children and Prince Caspian (I really like Prince Caspian!).

However, you may already know that it is challenging to find books that are even fairly Christian. We used to go to the library fairly frequently, and I would bring home dozens of books. Some of them I finished, liked, and bought (those have long since been purchased and are sitting on my bookcase), and others I just started and put down. The modern influences in fiction are not appreciated by many Christians, including myself. And, while many may enjoy classic literature, it may become tedious to others after long hours of attempting to read it, and decipher what is considered archaic language.

This section will introduce and bring up many books I have found enjoyable and fun, without being un-Christian. Many of them are written by Christian authors, and many of them I enjoy even though some of them are considered ‘juvenile fiction’. I hope that you enjoy my suggestions and that they help you. If you have any similar suggestions, please comment, because I’m always on the look-out for Christian fiction to read! My first priority, though, is reading God’s word, better than any work of fiction written. God created us to read, so that we would read what he wanted us to read.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

Which when they had read, they rejoiced for the consolation

Acts 15:31
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Reading Challenges (You’ve Got Mail & Read Your Bookshelf)

Hi, friends! (Note: I missed my Monday post this week. Whoops! My mistake!) As we head into October, I am going to be trying to be a part of some reading challenges, which I have never done before! I’m kind of excited to get into this, but a little nervous that I’ll just be terrible […]

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