The smell of freshly barbecued ribs. That tang of well-breaded fish. The first bite of a large plate of buttery spaghetti with heaps of tomato sauce with Italian seasonings in it. The smell of tacos, steaming with ground beef, cheese, lettuce. A huge bowl of steaming soup on a cold winter night. Hamburgers with all the toppings lathered on in thick portions. A large plate of fried, buttery vegetables. A full pizza filled with pepperoni and cheese. A steaming piece of pumpkin pie.

These are all great dishes of food that we love. Nothing can replace the memories of a cheery table with people that you love to be with surrounding the food that you love to eat. Laughter, love, good times. All things that come from being a part of a wonderful eating experience. I remember when I was young what an event it was every night. An event of eating together.

As I got older, instead of the memories fading, they sharpened as I realized what an event it could be to cook together. Cooking a dinner as a family. I dreamed of the day that I would be able to partake in making those memories. The fun-filled evenings of spending time together, and then enjoying everything that we made around the dinner table. Some people see cooking as a complication, because of everything that comes with it. Timers and measuring spoons. Trying to run to the store to grab the ingredient you missed, and making sure that you don’t cook anything for too long and dry it out. But to me, I will always remember those evenings, and the feelings that came with them.

In this section, I will share experiences as I begin cooking, and start out my cooking experiences. I can share pictures, things I learned, mistakes I made, and good times we had. I hope that you have good times, too.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

Cinnamon Rolls

Just a short post today. I wanted to share this little recipe I found for cinnamon rolls at Gathered Nutrition. They were pretty easy to make, and I’m definitely going to be making them again. Here’s a picture of how they turned out… Looks pretty good, huh? I hope that you enjoy making these little […]

Nutmeg Oatmeal Raisin Cookies (Cookie Challenge #5)

As you can see in the picture above, I tried making oatmeal raisin cookies, but I accidentally put too much nutmeg in them, so it’s only right to call these nutmeg oatmeal raisin cookies. I used the recipe from Simply Recipes, which you can find here. They were nice and chewy, and I cooked them […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies (Cookie Challenge #4)

To continue the cookie challenge, I made these sweet little chocolate chip cookies from Beyond Frosting (find the recipe here). They were really easy to make, and I tried a Great Value Gluten Free All Purpose Flour Mix for the first time. It worked really well, and I was impressed with the results. These cookies […]

Enjoying Rest This Weekend (Cookie Challenge #3)

Usually I post earlier in the morning, but not today. As it’s Saturday, I’m enjoying the start of my weekend. Yesterday, I continued my Cookie Challenge. I made some snowball cookies (recipe found on Spend With Pennies, here). You can see the pictures below. Everyone really likes them, and that’s #3 for my Cookie Challenge! […]

Cookie Challenge #2 (Snickerdoodle)

So, if you remember, I just started my Cookie Challenge and a couple of days ago, I made some peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. You can read about that here, but today I wanted to share my second cookie… snickerdoodles! I used a recipe I found on the King Arthur Baking website. Most snickerdoodle […]

Cookie Challenge!

As you all know, I love to cook. Especially baked things. I’ve never been very good at making cookies before, because I always overcook them, and they turn out really hard. But I want to change that. I desire being able to quickly whip up a batch of cookies and throw them in the oven. […]

Muffins and No Internet

Just a quick update. I’m working on my first collaboration post (fun, fun, fun!), and I’m very excited to show that to all of you! Unfortunately, because of our Internet, we’re getting pretty spotty reception, so I’m working hard to keep doing our school without the online world. Yikes, it’s hard. Anyway, because of my […]

Classic Instant Pot Applesauce

Applesauce. I was reading in A Lifegiving Home (how many times am I gonna start off a post this way?), and when we reached the September chapter, Sarah Clarkson shared lots of thoughts about how the Clarksons celebrate fall. Needless to say, I felt very inspired afterward, and wanted to start my own fall tradition. […]