My dad loves movies. He’s seen more than anyone else I’ve ever known, and knows everything there is to know about them: the actors, the directors, the producers, the production itself. Everyone we know is impressed by his amount of knowledge, and his love for films. Being my father’s daughter, it’s in my blood to love movies. I love movies, and watch them consistently. In my opinion, if you can’t have music on (*gasp*), you should have a movie on. Or both. I mean, really, can you ever have too much?

The same problem arises with movies as it does with books and music in the secular world. Christian movies are icnreasingly difficult to find, particularly in modern films. The film industry is filled with block-busters and action movies. With violence, bad language, and other undesirable content, it’s hard to watch and enjoy movies. That’s one of the many reasons why our family primarily watches classic movies. And yes, I do mean the black and white ones. People with short attention spans have given bad feedback to those movies, and because of it, they have build up a ‘bad reputation’. But, as Christians, we can find stronger moral values in them than in what you can easily stream today.

Please do not think that I am against the movies that are being released these days, and I love many of them. But I believe in moderation for movies as well as for everything else. My favorite movies include The Princess Bride, What’s Up, Doc?, Star Wars (the original trilogy), Bringing Up Baby, many Dreamworks films (mainly How To Train Your Dragon), The Emperor’s New Groove, Pride and Prejudice, Night at the Museum, and many others (I’ll have to write a looong post on my favorite movies!). I know. I have quite a varying selection of movies I love.

I don’t believe that there are any moral objections to the idea of movies. I don’t think that God frowns on us watching them. I believe that movies are another opening to share God’s word and love. Theyare a great opportunity to escape from the sin of our world. I would be great with hearing some more suggestions about movies, and I hope that you are encouraged to try other movies.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

When a movie character is really working, we become that character. That’s what the movies offer: escapism into lives other than our own

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