A Rambling Post Of Everyday Things

Hi, everyone! I hope that you had a great weekend, and I am excited for this great week. Today I started learning chemistry, and I’m very excited about it. I’m also beginning to work on some craft projects, and I want to start sewing more. On top of that, I’m working on memorizing more verses […]

Movies, Diamond Painting, and Other Saturday Things

Wow! I’ve been pretty busy today. I finished my diamond painting. Diamond painting is super cool, and if you haven’t looked into it, you should, because it’s really relaxing and a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. Or any afternoon, really. I put a picture of mine below, because I think it’s pretty. It […]

Daylight Savings and Fog

Wow! Daylight savings! I always grumble when we lose an hour in spring, but it’s heavenly when we get an hour in the autumn. Wow, is it good! It’s certainly a foggy day today. It’s as if a thick blanket of fog wrapped it’s embrace around our house, concealing us in a pocket far from […]

Starting a Weekend

Good morning! I’m just waking up and looking ahead at my wonderful weekend. Somehow everything seems better when you’re listening to Michael W. Smith sing Amazing Grace, which is what I’m doing. I hope that everyone enjoyed a fun Friday night, and you’re feeling energized about the weekend ahead of you. I know that I […]

Happy Friday!

Fridays always hold their own special excitement for me. (Happy Friday, everyone! I’m really excited. I just launched my new Etsy shop, AllToTheGloryOfGod, to try and earn money for college. Please, please, please, buy something that will brighten up your day and help start gathering funds for my Christian college education. You can read more […]

That’s Not Really How It Is

Our world is extremely advanced and mature. In a word: realistic. In the innocent days of childhood, there are planted the seeds of great and fantastic dreams. Young girls can become princesses who live in castle, little boys can grow to be cowboys swaggering in the Old West style, heroes can save the day and […]

Looking Forward

We all have dreams, hopes, and aspirations. Some more wild than others, perhaps, but nevertheless, all of them are the creation of a thought driven by a feeling or urge we get when we feel like something is right. Everyone has dreams; everyone hopes their’s will come true. Some of our dreams are probably unrealistic, […]

August and Yearly Goals

August. It’s just that month. Nothing wrong with it, and goodness knows I enjoy it, but it also makes me think. We always get a few days of cool mornings with cold breezes that dance around and remind us that autumn is coming, and after that, winter. It reminds me that this year isn’t truly […]

Limited Device Fast

Dear Reader, Today I’d like to tell you about my latest goal. I have made many for this summer (i.e., I’m working on the guitar, the piano, my never-ending reading list, and I’m starting my calligraphy), but this goal is a little different. First, let me go back and tell you about this book that […]

What to Do This Summer

Dear Reader, School’s out! Congrats to all the ’21 graduates (my brother definitely included). Less time doing school means more time at home, right? And I have a few ideas of what you can do while at home this year. If you don’t have any need for these suggestions, I’d appreciate it if you’d share […]


Today is Mother’s Day. There are thousands of different gifts to give your mom on this day, and I was brimming with ideas of presents that I could give my Mom. It seemed like there were so many great ideas, and I started to think it out. What could I give someone like that? Someone […]