We all remember those parties. The ones where it’s so loud that you can’t think straight and don’t want to. Streamers are falling from every scrap of ceiling, with balloons bopping around and hitting into people. Loud music or a movie plays from somewhere or other. Games are strewn on every table, and people are eating gigantic plates of deliciousness that will probably hurt their stomachs. Everyone’s happy, and nobody cares enough to shatter their dreams by realizing that this only lasts one day.

I love parties. As a rather introverted girl, some people find this surprising. But my specialty are birthday parties. I love my family, and I want to make them happy on their birthdays. I can plan a party months in advance if I need to, just in order to see a smile light across their face. Just to see a thrillof joy run through them, as they bounce around like the balloons that are floating around.

Party-planning is very important to me, and I never pass up a chance to use my skills, to challenge myself and go to new heights with the party I’m working on. I sit around with my laptop, listening to music (when don’t I listen to music?), and working on a party. I cut things out and tape things together. I use whatever tech know-how I can find to create decorations and games. I create big things and tiny details. Whatever it is, I love it.

I believe that God has called me to party-plan for the people I love. It’s a way that I can show how much I love them, not to mention the enjoyment that I can get from doing it. It’s a very rewarding process when you’re doing something for someone you love. In this section, I will post my party planning ideas. I can also show you amazing trips and things that I’ve gathered from just about everywhere. I’d love to hear your ideas in the comments.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

Let all your things be done with charity

1 Corinthians 16:14


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My Lil’ Brother’s Birthday Party…

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