God has blessed me with a mother who wants to care for us, and so she has homeschooled us from day one. I’ve never attended a school for a single day. It’s been a wonderful adventure, learning the way that God intended. I have learned so many things, and I’ve been allowed to shape my writing ability with creative writing skills.

I’m not exactly a model student. I’m working my way through French (yeah, I gave up on Spanish) and Algebra 2. I love sharp pencils and blank sheets of composition papers, although I never keep them that way. I like learning about history and I like some science, but not anatomy (gross!).

In this section, I will share stories of my school adventures. I will share the things I learn, and I hope you will enjoy them, as much as I enjoy being homeschooled.

God bless you,

-A Christian Girl

Lo, children are an heritage of the Lord

Psalm 127:3

New Homeschooling History Books!

It’s Friday!!! Wow, what a relief. Today, I was inspired to write a different kind of post. This week, my mom was teaching my younger siblings about the Vikings, and she read aloud this really interesting book to them. I was doing my own school, cooking, and prepping for Christmas, so I didn’t really catch […]

Winnie the Pooh First Term Bullet Journal

I promised some pictures from my bullet journal for the first term, which starts on Monday. My theme was sort of an autumn Winnie the Pooh thing, so this was my cover page. I think I may like to color in the acorn, but I’m not sure, yet. I liked how it turned out, anyway. […]

Music for School

Wanna hear my list of music to listen to while doing schoolwork?