Let the Lord Lead Your Adventure

Adventure is out there!

No, seriously, it is.

I love adventure stories. There are so many great ones. Great, epic quests. I like reading Jules Verne’s Around the World in Eighty Days, for one. Not only is it filled with a great adventure spanning over the entire globe, but it’s also filled with fun characters, and my little brother loves it, and the movie of it (the one with David Niven!). Seriously, it’s a great story, and one that most people know. The distinguished gentleman makes a calculated journey around the world with setbacks and inconveniences.

I like to kind of think of our lives as adventures; as if we are all taking trips around the world, undertaking great journeys and bearing great courage and perserverance. Some of us aren’t really doing it very honestly, like Mr. Fix, and some of us join the journey a little late, like Princess Aouda. There are people out there that want to stop you on your journey, and there are people who want to help. There are those who need help, and there are those who give it. The important thing is to just keep traveling.

What is proved by Jules Verne’s great novel, however, is that you can never plan everything. From Indian attacks to unfinished railroads and scheming detective, there’s nobody who can plan out everything. Even when executing the best plans, something will go wrong, no matter how brilliant it is.

Sometimes we have lots of trouble with this truth, however. Myself, especially. I’m big on planning. Planning everything, all the time. I’ve got lots of plans, and I like making plans. I find it a little hard to stop making plans, sometimes, and that’s when I think about Around the World in Eighty Days and Mr. Phileas Fogg. True, his plans are a lot more clock-like than mine, it’s true that I’m often guilty of over-planning. Perhaps this is because I’ve been given the luxury of a life that’s stable enough to make plans for my future.

Throughout history, though, there have been thousands of godly men and women, living in the moment and unsure of where they will be or if they will even be alive from day to day. You read the uncertaninty of the Psalmist as he faces death and uncertainty every day, and you see the Lord prove that he is capable of preparing safety for His people. He leads our paths as he wishes for them to be led, and He prepares for us better than our own plans.

Although plans are great (as both Phileas Fogg and I will affirm), our lives are truly adventures, being led day by day. We get to choose what sort of adventure we will live, and we will choose which part we play on this exciting adventure, planning as we can but trusting the Lord above all to choose where we go, and to see where he leads us and appreciate the beauty of adventure.

Adventure is out there.

And so is He.

God bless you,